Dr Denis Mukwege testimony to United Nations 25/9/2012

Dr Denis Mukwege. Medical Director of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu – South Kivu [DRC]. 30% of his clinic work focuses on treating victims of rape.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has become the most dangerous place on the planet to be a woman, say credible personalities and institutions monitoring the situation in that country for a number of years.

From the first invasion of DRC back in 1996 and onward,  raping women has appeared as one of the frequently used strategies of war for militias operating in Eastern Congo. In the process, they have created persistent insecurity which enables external stakeholders to access Congolese mineral resources.

Panzi Hospital in Bukavu – Sud Kivu has today developed to become specialised in supporting victims of rape in the region. Dr Mukwege is its medical director. At the occasion of this year UN General Assembly, the international institution had made a particular focus on the situation in DRC. He was invited to give testimony on his experience of victims of rape in Eastern Congo.

Please click here to read in full Dr. Denis Mukwete’s intervention.


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