For This African-Focused Blog: Be A Contributing Writer

Baobab Tree

Only in 500 words.  No more.

You want change in Africa? Play Your Part: Engage And Become A Writer Contributor.

Our blog is an African focused platform allowing expression of different perspectives surrounding the image of the continent in its multiple aspects.

We have highlighted only a number of perspectives since we started in February 2010, considered limited resources available.

We want to encourage more interactions and allow people access many viewpoints pertinent to any issue in order to develop a broader understanding of what is covered on any topic.

We want you to contribute. We have made a start on some ideas for topics below but we would like you to write about whatever you feel is important.

Please try to keep it short under 500 words for each piece, and stick to one topic per piece so that the discussion is made easier to navigate.

Send your contribution to us at:

Some ideas for topics:

  • Africa I Business
  • Africa I News
  • Africa I Politics
  • Africa I Society
  • Business I Continental
  • Business I Contracts
  • Business I Industries
  • Business I Infrastructures
  • Business I Jobs
  • Business I Markets
  • Business I Policy & Law
  • Business I Regional
  • Business I Technology
  • News I Arts & Culture
  • News I Business & Finance
  • News I Current Affairs
  • News I Entertainment
  • News I Hot topics
  • News I Industry
  • News I Lifestyle
  • News I Science
  • News I Sports
  • News I Technology
  • Politics I African Union
  • Politics I Conflicts
  • Politics I Elections
  • Politics I Governance
  • Politics I Human Rights
  • Politics I International Relations
  • Politics I Peace
  • Politics I Political Parties
  • Politics I Security
  • Society I Community
  • Society I Disabled
  • Society I Education
  • Society I Elderly
  • Society I Faith
  • Society I Family
  • Society I Literature
  • Society I Safety
  • Society I Traditions
  • Society I Village
  • Society I Youth

The views expressed by contributors do not reflect the view of Rising Continent or its team members.

We do not want to censor the contributions in any way, but we reserve the right not to publish anything we deem to be offensive, or not constructive.

Contributions can be either locally, nationally or whole Africa focused. They need as well to project a clear positive image of the continent.

Though English is preferred for contributions, texts in French are also welcome.


What is your opinion about this?

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