Patrick Mbeko: “The greatest enemy of Africans is in their minds.”

This is a note that its author published initially in French on his facebook pages. Please consider this as an unauthorised translation of his ideas that I found though pertinent for Africans. 

The African wants the West, which is the cause of his misfortunes, to help address them; he wants the approval of Westerners to be sure he is on track. 

There was the deportation of our ancestors, slavery, and worse the Belgian colonization with its ten million of Congolese wasted souls. Since 1996, the population of the DRC is confronted with one of the worst humanitarian tragedies in the world. Damages are on an unprecedented scale: millions of deaths, hundreds of thousands of raped women and a country on the verge of balkanization. Those responsible are the same for the past 150 years.

But why do Congolese people always turn to those who are at the root cause of their problems for solutions? It is simply because they are mentally brainwashed. Some call such attitude “alienation.” This is the incarnation of the story of the freedman and the master. I have always argued that the most destructive work of colonisation had been the indoctrination of minds.

The African wants the West, which is the cause of his misfortunes, to help address them; he wants the approval of Westerners to be sure he is on track. Even if he does not admit it openly, within himself, even in his subconscious, he is convinced that the truth is Western. Even those who often speak of alienation are the most alienated.[Lets hope the author is among the exception]. It suffices to observe their actions to realize.

I am considered by some compatriots as a radical character, anti-Western, and for others, I am an anarchist. Why do these people think so? Simply because they are not mentally free. Basically, they want me to say what the colonialist likes to hear from the Negro. Categorically saying “NO” to Western imperialism is for them synonymous with radicalism. They have the same attitude as those who accuse Patrice Lumumba of having been “disconnected” from reality, a man with no clear and targeted vision or plans, “radical”, carried away by a senseless anti-colonialism and so on. As stated by the historian Ludo de Witte, “these Africanists use the references of the Western Governors of the time to approach the Congolese crisis.” That’s pathetic!

I have not seen any Western politician going to Africa, seeking advice from an African leader in the elections in his country; but I have seen African politicians, especially Congolese, doing tours in the West to seek Western political support. Proponents of these leaders even boast about that. Apparently, it’s called “lobbying.” The Negro will always find an argument to justify his voluntary dependence on the [Western] allegiance system. I even heard people calling Obama, Holland, Harper and consort to the help of Congo and Africa.

Remember this, fellow compatriots: “no foreign power will love Congo more than Congolese themselves. It is Congolese themselves who will free the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nobody else, no other power will do. Yes, there are people who argue, “But Patrick, these Westerners are strong, look at what they did to Qaddafi …”

I understand them. But know that your actions depend on how you read history. If you read it in the sense of those who claim to be “masters of the world”, then you will still go to them to find solutions (which will never come) to your problems; you will still be afraid of them because the history they tell us is full of lies and deceptions.

But if you read it from the perspective of your own norms of thoughts without being influenced by their system of academic and media indoctrination, as did Lumumba, Qaddafi or Check Anta Diop, then you will not be fearful. You will fight to find solutions to your problems as did for example Latino-Americans. The greatest enemy of Africans is in their minds. The hardest chains to break are mental. Never forget that.


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