Richard Dowden explains why ICC does not indict Paul Kagame

We cry for our children who died in Rutshuru – How far will this go? Up to when? – say the signs from this protester.

Rwanda‘s history was rewritten [by RPF regime] to obliterate past conflicts – pre-colonial and colonial – between Hutus and Tutsis. From now on there would be only one genocide and all Rwandans must know it.

The Director of the Royal African Society and author of Africa; altered states, ordinary miracles, Richard Dowden, analyses the situation in Eastern Congo in an interesting article published online at AllAfrica site. He covers his understanding of what has been going on historically in the region. 

He concludes by explaining the reasons the International Criminal Court [ICC], which usually works under injunction and interests of its main funders, does not go after Paul Kagame, though the latter has more evidence against him in terms of crimes committed than was James Taylor, former President of Liberia, who was recently sentenced to 50 years of imprisonment.

In Dowden’s analysis, there are however fundamental flaws. He either voluntarily or unconsciously omit to point out the strong connection between Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, and even Museveni, president of Uganda, and their Western sponsors. 

US and UK, main external pillars of Kagame’s regime, are reluctant to see their protégés in front of a court, not because there is economic development in the two countries [Rwanda and Uganda], – there are many deficiencies in those so-called sub-Saharan miracles of growth -, but mainly because they are defending economic and geo-strategic interests of the West in the region.

You can read the full article of Richard Dowden here.


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