Have you read the UN Group of Experts Addendum?

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (L) tours a refugee camp on the outskirts of Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, on August 11, 2009. Hundreds of thousands of congolese have been displaced by years of armed conflict in the region. Clinton said she pressed Kabila to arrest officers behind an epidemic of sexual assault in the area as troops battle Hutu extremists, some involved in neighbouring Rwanda’s 1994 genocide.

Maybe you have not. Kambale Musavili, Congolese activist, who works with Friends of the Congo, did. He highlights a few points about the document: 1) evidence of Rwandan complicity with the rebellion M23 and other rebel groups in the region; 2) most importantly, recommendations from his organisation that could effectively calm the situation of never ending instability in Eastern Congo.

Please read below Kambale’s note about that addendum to the overall UN report on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Excerpts from the UN Group of Experts Report on Rwandan Complicity in the Armed Rebellion in Eastern Congo

Since the outset of its current mandate, the Group has gathered evidence of arms embargo and sanctions regime violations committed by the Rwandan Government. They include:

Direct assistance in the creation of M23 through the transport of weapons and soldiers through Rwandan territory:

• Recruitment of Rwandan youth and demobilized ex-combatants as well as Congolese refugees for M23;

• Provision of weapons and ammunition to M23;

• Mobilization and lobbying of Congolese political and financial leaders for the benefit of M23;

• Direct Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) interventions into Congolese territory to reinforce M23;

• Support to several other armed groups as well as FARDC mutinies in the eastern Congo;

• Violation of the assets freeze and travel ban through supporting sanctioned individuals.

Other Transgressions:

The Rwandan Defense Force (RDF) has also deployed demobilized former FDLR combatants to reinforce M23.

The RDF has been providing military equipment, weapons, ammunition, and general supplies to M23 rebels.

RDF units themselves have also been deployed to reinforce M23 for specific operations at Runyoni.

Senior Rwandan officials have also been directly involved in the mobilization of political leaders and financial backers for M23. They include figures such as: General Jacques Nziza, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, General James Kabarebe, the Rwandan Minister of Defense, General Charles Kayonga, the RDF Chief of Staff,

Friends Of The Congo [FOTC] Recommendations:

1. United Nations should impose sanctions on the Rwandan regime for its violations.

2. United States Congress should hold a hearing to review aid to the Rwandan military and discern whether the Leahy Amendment has been violated.

3. United States Secretary of State should enforce U.S. Law – Section 5 of The Democratic Republic of Congo Relief, Security and Democracy Promotion Act or PL 109-456.

Download complete addendum here: http://www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=S/2012/348/Add.1

In August 2009, as a representative of Obama’s new administration in Washington, Hilary Clinton visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, apparently to pledge a renewed commitment to the stability of the region and improvement of a number of areas to guarantee sustainable development. A student asked her in Kinshasa, “Are we inspiring your pity so much that you say, ‘I have to go and help these people?‘ Clinton responded tartly: “I will be very honest with you — we don’t need to do any of this.” 

Other the years, US administrations have equipped, trained, provided sophisticated intelligence to Rwanda and Uganda military in budgets worth billions of $. When their trained pupils use their new found capabilities raging wars of expansion, occupation, plundering DRC resources, killing and raping in the thousands, the American government claims that it is engaged to stabilizing the area. Who are they kidding?


One response to “Have you read the UN Group of Experts Addendum?

  1. This is a great post! People always talk about instability in Africa, But like you said, who are we kidding? How would the wars break out if there were no arms being supplied. I think it’s time people started to really think of the actions they take when they plan to “stabilize” such areas. That stability is rarely achieved with more ammunition to a certain party, because the enemy is being supplied by another external party, and that’s what is going on in Syria now. Imagine taking away all the ammunition in Congo, what would rebels dominate others with? spears? very effective. Right.


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