Marc Sommers finds Paul Kagame better

Maybe the NYT journalist Marc Sommers does not know the personality he describes in his article or luckily for him, he couldn’t fall as one of his victims.

Marc Sommers writes in The New York Times that Paul Kagame, the Rwandan President, is comparatively better than Charles Taylor, former president of Liberia who is presently in the custody of the International Criminal Court, and Idi Amin, former Ugandan president.

Though these African leaders were criminals in their own ways, none of them caused the death of 6 million people [Rwandan, Congolese, and Ugandan] or more, through direct and indirect involvement.


One response to “Marc Sommers finds Paul Kagame better

  1. The upside to Sommers’ piece is that (A) the NYT published something referring to Kagame as America’s “Darling Dictator of the Day”; (B) noted his oppressive rule; and (C) noted his serious war crimes in DRC.


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