Linking the dots: Citigroup, Paul Kagame and Congo’s wars

On May 12, 2012, Patrick Mbeko, a Congolese activist, launched his book written in French [‘Le Canada dans les guerres en Afrique centrale’] with substantial and strong evidences about the involvement of Canada in the tragedies that the Great Lakes of Africa continues to experience for more than two decades.

Contrary to the image that Canada usually projects in mainstream media, uninformed citizens anywhere would think of that country as an angel among well documented predators of African resources.

Ann Garrison, Californian radio journalist, on her part points at the role of multinationals such as Citigroup played in compounding the suffering of local populations in conflicts that makes peace a long gone memory for those who manage to survive in the same region.

Surprisingly, Western Universities, mainly American, appear keen to play their shameful part too, providing Honorary doctorates to the Rwandan president Paul Kagame, despite his significant role in most of the instability and killings experienced in DRC and particularly Eastern Congo.

Apparently he is not the only one being honoured by the same institutions, but also wealthy personalities who through their important roles at the top of financial giants including companies like Citigroup, influence the course of events by their intervention in places as remote as DRC. As we know, such places attract interest by being well doted with immense reserves of strategic minerals.

It’s not that the general public doesn’t know what capitalist interests and their African based agents are doing harmful to locals, but unfortunately it’s because people cannot put themselves enough into the shoes of those at the receiving end that they don’t seem to care.


What is your opinion about this?

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