Is Paul Kagame trying to gamble a minor sentence for Victoire Ingabire?

The leader of the unregistered Rwandan political party of the opposition FDU-Inkingi, Victoire Ingabire, has been imprisoned in Kigali since October 14th, 2010.

During her now eighteen months long incarceration, she has been brought in front of the court and faced several fabricated allegations: forming a terrorist group, working with another ‘terrorist rebel movement’, FDLR, operating from Eastern Congo, divisionism, and genocide denial.

As proven during court hearings of the political leader, inconsistency of the prosecution’s witnesses highlighted in the eyes of the public that most of the crimes [if not all] that Victoire Ingabire is accused of lacked factual basis.

This has made the whole process of imprisonment and prosecution of the accused looking as a political annihilation of an opponent rather than rendering justice in the interests of the country.

As pressure from different corners continue on Kagame’s regime to democratise his Rwandan political space, while he lacks objective motives to prosecute his opponents, he can resort to finding a way out in his own typical manner.

The Ugandan Independent in its online news outlet refers to a letter Victoire Ingabire might have written to the Rwandan president asking for pardon. As many other evidences shown by the prosecution during court hearings of the opposition leader, this appears to be another fabrication to confirm the politician in her legal fight against Kagame’s regime.

Does Kigali envisage to seek a way out from the political imbroglio that Victoire Ingabire case has put the Rwandan government in, considered the negative image its handling has brought to all the credits it benefited for so many years? Could such pretended request of pardon by Victoire Ingabire, which would probably imply a lesser sentence, be a way of covering up ongoing military involvement of Rwandan Defense Forces in Eastern Congo? Lets wait and see.


What is your opinion about this?

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