Mutabazi Sadic: an 18 years old Rwandan Mohamed Bouazzizi

Courtesy - JambonewsThursday 10/5/12, Nelson Gatsimbanyi from Umusingi and based in UK reported on his facebook pages that Mutabazi Sadic, a young Rwandan, lit himself with petrol following harassment by the Local Defense Forces in the region of Gisenyi. This is how Nelson explains the incident:

‘Yesterday [Wednesday 9/5/12] kigalitoday published a story about Mutabazi Sadic in Rubavu district who lit himself on fire after Inkeragutabara [Rwandan Local Defense Forces] took his g-nuts. It was his business, hoping to get money and work for gaining a driving license. His body was burned 80% and he was denied transfer to CHUK because he didn’t have health insurance. After a few minutes, Urugwiro [President Paul Kagame’s statehouse] made a call to kigalitoday ordering them to remove the story which was written by Umulisa Pascaline.

The story and the way it has been handled so far are signs of a Rwandan authoritarian regime which harasses its people consistently in their daily life. Without an independent press anyone can see that these incidents can never come to light in the public. And unfortunately they are very frequent. For example, in this same week which coincides with Sadiki case, and in the same region of the country, there are reports of high levels of intimidations and harassment of citizens who cannot afford to pay the obligatory contribution to Paul Kagame political party, RPF. Those who cannot pay the monthly contribution of FRW 200 are beaten up and imprisoned.

The strength of oppressors lies generally in the fear they plant into the lives of the oppressed. Once the latter realize that they don’t gain anything by being permanently under the spell of fear, the end of the oppressor is close. In Rwanda, there have been thousands of unreported Mohamed Bouazzizi simili cases, for the only reason that there is no independent press to bring them in the open. Those are the martyrs of the Rwandan nation who have been adding their share of the contribution of others towards the needed change.

Maybe this time, Rwandans have reached that tipping point where their survival as individuals, either on a personal or collective levels, demands from them to react to what has been happening to them and does not seem to have any end as long as Paul Kagame will rule their country.


2 responses to “Mutabazi Sadic: an 18 years old Rwandan Mohamed Bouazzizi

  1. Rwandans must come to the reality that they need to support political systems and governance for posterity and not just for the moment. Democracy is key and citizens should and must contribute to building of the nation, a key stone for democracy is free media that allows people to question the status quo but in a very respectful way.


  2. … you are just a mad! full of evil and hate to President Kagame Government. This is Africa my friend, you have just fled to where you sell your tongue to earn a living, now you get an opportunity.

    Rwandans are not oppressed as you report, what such a case of an innocent young boy would help to development of Rwanda. Yes he might have put himself on fire, but it is not a sign that things have fallen apart in our peaceful and developing Rwanda.

    This is Africa, this is Rwanda that is struggling from poverty, so some are still poor and he lit himself as a result of who stopped him in his way to development. He might have been on a wrong way, why not they were stopping him from an illegal deal?

    So …, this is Rwanda, this is not Tunisia, this is not Sweden nor US. Just keep on selling bad news of your country and we keep on building it.


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