Ubuntu Pan African Network: One Year Anniversary

On May 9th, 2011 a group of pan-Africanists [Africans who are concerned primarily with African issues and interests rather than with individual African countries] agreed to create a Facebook forum for sharing information and discussing topical questions.

The Network was set up at the time of French intervention in Ivory Coast [April 2011] and when Libya was being bombarded by NATO forces [March 2011 onwards] under the false pretext of saving lives. As we know today, Libyan infrastructures worth billions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives were destroyed in that process.

The Libyan leader, Muammar Kaddafi, was killed. And the country is currently mortgaged for the benefice of multinational and foreign interests – which was at a great extent the ultimate aim of the initial external intervention.

On 10/8/11, in London, Ubuntu PanAfrican Network members joined other pan Africanist organisations to protest against the military intervention in Libya. They demanded to stop the killing of innocent people; NATO and allied forces highlighted that they were in there to bring political change under the banner of Transitional National Council.

On 22/9/11, on the anniversary of Nkrumah, pan Africanists gathered in Accra – Ghana in front of the American embassy and staged a protest against US imperialism asking NATO and its affiliates to get their Hands of Africa and Libya.

There are ongoing tensions between Sudan and South Sudan. In Eastern Congo, armed conflicts centred on the rebel Bosco Ntaganda are killing and displacing thousands of people caught in the middle of battles. In all these contexts and others across the African continent, multinational interests are pulling the strings behind the scenes and covering up their sinister actions under the labels of ending impunity, humanitarian work, supporting political stability, or bringing democracy.

Ubuntu Pan African Network was set up with an objective of influencing local, national, regional and international institutions working for the advancement of Africans to create a more humanly fulfilling environment on the continent. This is supposed to be achieved by using the vehicles of legal means, education and mass social activism programs.

The Network works to initiate and support platforms of governance enabling present and future African citizens to better prepare to face the perils of a continuously changing world. It plans to enable Africans become effective owners and managers of African resources, and architects of the products and services these generate. The Network also promotes African solidarity through respect, equity, justice for all irrespective of status, position and creed as Africans.

After one year of existence, the Network is far away from achieving much of what it was created for. There is a long way to go. Any positive and not patronising support from people who are concerned about Africa is welcome. Please consult the Network Facebook pages to join the conversation and bring your contribution. You can contact the Network by emailing organisingforafrica@gmail.com.


What is your opinion about this?

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