“Every problem has a solution,” said Tom Hanks

This is a quote by the actor Tom Hanks in the ‘Philadelphia’ movie. Despised by every one, because he had contracted HIV/AIDS, and despite the fact of being a top lawyer working for a great law firm, he found himself in a situation where he needed self-motivation to keep going.

Reflecting on his own condition, that’s when he said more to himself than anybody else that “every problem has a solution.”

We’ve had Kony 2012 and its issue is not closed yet. The initiators are presently on Kony 2012 II. This is what the website of Invisible Children provides as an update following their initial campaign launched last month against the Ugandan rebel.

As the Ugandan government commented, the rebel is no more a threat to anyone. Apparently, he has understandably become a critical resource for those who are using his name for their imperialist agendas.

On April 20th Invisible Children are asking people everywhere to cover the night. On that day the organisation is taking the next step in the global movement started on March 5th. They are moving from the digital platform to the physical world. They are waging their war in the heart of Africa.

With 204 countries where their video has been viewed, 3,590,051 pledges and 104, 506,332 people by Tuesday 10th of April to consult it, they [and implicitly the US government through AFRICOM] think to be entitled to move and intervene in some body else countries without being invited.

At Organising for Africa, we have persistently opposed Kony 2012 and all other disguised means of occupying Africa. We have strong reasons to believe that the campaign against Kony is primarily aimed at recolonising the African region [Democratic Republic of Congo, Southern Sudan, Uganda, and Central African Republic] by the Americans.

In 2011, Africa lost Libya and Ivory Coast to foreign interests. These two countries’ leaders are morally indebted to the West for its destructive interventions in African affairs. Consequently, politicians in Tripoli and Abidjan must comply with what their Western sponsors dictate, and most of the time at the expense of their compatriots.

On March 18th, we [Organising for Africa] wrote a petition to stop the promoters of Kony 2012 campaign from operating in Africa, because of their sinister agenda for the continent. The real motive is to continuously plunder African resources and maintain exploitative structures of governance for local populations.

We would like to reiterate our request to sign the petition. As soon as we reach 100 signatures at least, we have promised to write to concerned African governments. This is our pledge to you. So please get more signatures and test our character.

Every problem has a solution. And no one will defend your rights if you cannot stand up for them.

Link to the petition.


What is your opinion about this?

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