Thank you all for being involved

We, at Organising for Africa, would like to thank you all who are circulating to all your contacts the petition calling for a ban of Invisible Children from operating in Africa.

We are having a good response so far. Since its publication on 18/3/12, it has been viewed 932 times and collected 75 signatures. So please keep sending the document to your friends, asking them to sign and do the same with their friends.

When we get to 100 signatures, we will officially send the petition to concerned ministerial departments in all African countries.

We will continue to keep you updated.

If you don’t stand up for your rights, nobody will do it on your behalf.

We have also collected comments people supportive of the petition have made. Here are few examples:

Peter Brown:    
“Leave Africa alone for the first time in a millennium, leave her to her inhabitants free of European voice, influence and control FOR ONCE…do for selves like MEN and leave us alone”

Terri Crouch:
“I support the Motherland!!”

Andrew Seraus: 
“Kony 2012, is another confused attempt at bringing justice to Africa.”

Lotus Yee Fong:    
“This reminds me somehow of Rev. Jim Jones who was recruited and trained by the CIA to move people to Jonestown in Guyana which resulted in the Jonestown Massacre.”

Lucananga Ojara:
“Invisible Children are advocates of war and not peace. Africa needs peace and NOT George Clooney, Not Invisible Children or John Prendergast and all those ill informed American celebrities whose greed for fame is leading them to kill African Children. Invisible Children, Enough is Enough project must stop their pro War conspiracies. African doesn’t need their ill intention.”

Amma Poku:  
“African requires genuine concern leading to freedom, fairness and justice for all its children. This means its land, resources and labour should be used for the benefit of the majority of Africans and not for foreign interests.”

“Dictator Museveni has been using made to orders atrocities; crimes they commit and blame their victims for it. There is abundant evidence except that people are afraid to speak out due to brutal reprisal by government of Uganda and their allies, the likes of Invisible Children. I support the ban on all operations of Invisible Children in Africa especially the region and call for investigations into the operations and financial activities on most foreign NGOs operating in the last 26 years.”

Kuatez Lewis: 
“Please ban the invisible children from operating in Africa that’s all we ask.”


What is your opinion about this?

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