Kony 2012 and Invisible Children viral propaganda

Until lions have their own historians, the story of the hunt will only glorify the hunter.
African proverb

After 9/11, it is often said that when George Bush decided to go after Al-Qaeda, he turned to Hollywood for help.

Apparently, his political strategists wanted to instil in the Americans’ minds a certain level of fear which would later on allow his government to take some unpopular decisions which would’ve otherwise found impossible to gain public support.

Against a similar [real or fictional] background of terrorism around Joseph Kony, it shouldn’t surprise no one that visual tools and information technology are being used by Invisible Children, an American charity working along the lines of US foreign policy, to justify the latter and help it achieve its geostrategic objectives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In November 2011, Barack Obama, decided to send US troops in Uganda, officially to help the Ugandan government track down Kony.

One hundred soldiers was the number that Washington announced. But it is well documented that US have been supporting Joweri Museveni, president of Uganda since 1986, with military equipment and intelligence, as long as he has been the main American sponsored dictator in the Great Lakes region.

After the success of the Libyan adventure last year and with the increased presence of China on the African continent, a strategy of public deceit appears necessary to create a battlefield where US soldiers’ presence would be publicly justifiable and acceptable.

And such strategy has been at work already for many years through NGOs such as Open Project and Invisible Children, almost preparing the ground.

In 2009 I attended a conference that Invisible Children had organised at the London School of Economics to campaign against Joseph Kony and recruit university student volunteers to carry it on.

Surprisingly, the charity while portraying Kony as the devil on earth because of his abduction of children, didn’t mention any bad word against Joweri Museveni or his government, despite the numerous crimes they have been responsible of against Ugandans and other populations in neighbouring countries.

By Thursday 9/3/12, the most recent campaign [Kony 2012] of Invisible Children against Kony had become a web phenomenon. According to The Guardian, the film of 28 minutes used on youtube had been viewed by more than 50 million people. It had been endorsed by celebrities.

I didn’t watch the film for only one reason: not to give credit to a story that, though not being Ugandan, I could tell better because I can relate to it easily and interpret issues at hand more objectively and sensibly.

At one time I wondered why the African Union, through its public relations [if it has such department], on behalf of all countries on the continent, shouldn’t speak out against these Western NGOs which continue portraying Africa as helpless and hopeless, a place that always needs a saviour from elsewhere.

In the same week, after the viral campaign against Kony started, I had also noticed an increased number of hits or people who had visited ‘The Rising Continent’ blog.

As I couldn’t find any other explanation of the surprising interest in the blog I remembered a conversation I had with a student about the campaign against Kony. The campaign was designed which all the necessary features to make it become viral with the ultimate aim of portraying Kony as a monster that had to be crashed by any means.

I finally found out that the blog, because it had in the past posted entries about Joseph Kony, Uganda political situation, child soldiers, Lord Resistance Army, and other related topics, people searching the internet to learn more about the story carried by Invisible Children campaign, were certainly coming across these entries.

Who is Joseph Kony anyway? He is a northern Ugandan rebel leader who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court. His group has been fighting against Joweri Museveni since he took power in 1986. Twenty six years have therefore passed.

During all those years, Museveni has worked with NGOs like Invisible Children to tarnish the image of armed rebels fighting him.

The same tactics these rebels have been using, the Ugandan president used them during his time in the bush [between 1981 and 1986].

And nothing proves that he has stopped using them but this time he can easily cover them up and stage them to appear as perpetrated by Joseph Kony or others who are against his government.

The Ugandan president has in the process benefited from the full support of US military and intelligence for his dictatorial rule under the pretext of fighting rebellions and fundamentalist Islam from Sudan.

There has been a blind eye from the US and other western countries including mainly UK, over Museveni’s crimes against his own people, particularly in Northern Uganda from where Kony is.

Joweri Museveni has also partnered with his once protégé Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, to invade and occupy twice the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The objective of these invasions into Congo was, contrary to the official propaganda, to serve themselves but mainly to enable Western multinationals access cheaply strategic minerals necessary for their industries and economic and political hegemony.

Crimes committed in Congo, including those of genocide nature, by both Rwanda and Uganda forces and other affiliated militias, have been widely documented.

What the Invisible Children campaign which has become viral does not tell its audience is what you just read in these lines, and much more which does not fit in their own or sponsors’ agenda.

There are other truths, for example the genocide against Acholi people that Museveni’s government has committed.

Half truth is worse than a complete lie. Joseph Kony is not a saint. His rebel tactics may put him close to the devil. Joweri Museveni is neither a saint. His victims may see him closer to the devil than they consider Kony.

Until lions can have their own historians, the story of the hunt will only glorify the hunter.

Where are the lion historians?

It is time to tell your own story of the hunt.

Until you start, Invisible Children viral campaign against Kony will continue glorifying the American hunter.

Please share/tweet this posting as many times as you can to countebalance dishonesty and halt truths, which are worse than total lies.

Link: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ban-of-invisible-children-to-operate-in-africa.html


2 responses to “Kony 2012 and Invisible Children viral propaganda

  1. … and, of course, your thesis is cemented by the fact that Bosco Ntaganda is indeed only carrying on where Laurent Nkunda left off in January 2009, while Nkunda himself sits in Kigali under comfortable house arrest.
    Kagame and Museveni’s crimes are well-documented and while Museveni taking aim at the ICC for “targeting African leaders” is might be indicative of a man who has a great deal to worry about, his only real concern should be continuing to do Washington’s dirty work, in the horn of Africa, South Sudan, the DRC and Uganda itself. Similarly, Kagame, who never had any intention of fufilling his pledge to route his “genocidaires” from the eastern Congo and who also persucates the opposition in Rwanda itself, can sleep easily at night as long as he follows his Anglo-Saxon masters.
    Excellent well-informed post!


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