Africa Union and us [Africans]

From the perspective of those in power and with reference to those who are ruled [my emphasis], “Ignorance is strength,” said George Orwell. As long as those that leaders in any area of life claim to represent remain ignorant of critical issues that impact on their lives through decisions taken without their knowledge, obviously ignorance will be a means to an end for beneficiaries of the status quo.

What do Africans know about the African Union? I don’t presume there must be a significant fraction which could be found well aware of the continental institution. Former US president J.F. Kennedy famously said,’ Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” If Africans wherever they are could try to apply this principle to their continent, taking more responsibility towards changing what has not been working so far, expected transformation that most of the time we ask from our leaders would come faster.

To know more about what the African Union is as an institution, and probably find out which areas of its programmes Africans, on a personal or organizational levels, could fit in, please read through the content to be found by clicking on below shown internet links.

Constitutive Act

Country Profiles

AU Organs

The Assembly of the Union
The Executive Council
The Pan-African Parliament
The Court of Justice
The Commission
The Permanent Representatives Committee
The Specialized Technical Committees
The Economic, Social and Cultural Council
The Peace and Security Council
The Financial Institutions




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