A befitting eulogy

By Cde Charles Tapfuma Samuriwo

‘Every event, whether painful or joyous, presents a learning opportunity:
The wise will objectively study the experience to prevent their own misfortune or maximize benefits in the event of a similar fate;
Adaptation is the attribute of survivors;
Foresight the gift of true revolutionaries;
Victory is the assured product of the prepared.

I’m no seed of a damned people who perpetually harvest thorns, neither am I a member of an army whose general is an architect of defeats.

It is not enough to have a cause if it never sees the light of day.
Our generation should read the times:
Violence begets more violence;
In a jungle it is the mighty that survive;
The wise draw the fight to the field that will amplify their strength;
Our cause is morally and ethically just.
Our quest for equality and equity undeniable.
But our technological inferiority makes them militarily unclaimable
Thus our war is for the promotion of ideological awareness to our masses. Their total mobilization and exposition to the truths behind ‘dictatorship’ accusations’ etc.

Let’s remember the accusation of being godless – which justified slavery,
And the accusations of being ignorant/backward – which justified colonialism. Let us see the accusations of being dictatorships – as a justification of economic control (neo-colonialism)

Godlessness, ignorance and dictatorship are rampant in many parts of the West at the moment, yet it does not justify another race to come and take over control of the European continent.  Wise up.

By the editor
When Georges Papandreou, the Greek Prime Minister until early November 2011tabled a referendum to ask his compatriots if they supported austerity measures his government was undertaking, he was decried by France and Germany, European economic powerhouses and partners with Greece in the Euro zone. The argument seems to be that such open democracy, which wouldn’t necessarily go the way political leaders would want, could jeopardize stability of financial markets. In other terms, this means Europeans are dictated what to follow by their governments whose members belong to a particular class, an elite which could be characterized as dictatorial as the decried autocrats from Africa and elsewhere.

Such attitude of dictatorial governance claimed to be the democratic model best suited for the rest of the world has characterized the West for centuries, in its conquests which don’t see an end.  Dr Williams Chancellor indicates in his book ‘The Destruction of Black Civilization’ how from immemorial times it has been easy for invaders of Africa.

‘They had no problems. They knew in advance that they would find the Africans, almost everywhere, unprepared to defend themselves against a well-organized, well trained body of men, no matter how small. This situation developed as a splinter, independent little states became more and more numerous. The use of secret agents seems to be as old as organized states, for the practice of sending spies as goodwill ambassadors, traders, etc., well in advance into a country to be invaded, goes far back into antiquity. Those sent into Africa from various lands could report back that:
1.    The Africans were largely a peaceful people engaged in agriculture, mining trades, fishing, the arts, crafts of various kinds and manufacturing such things as pottery, furniture, building materials, boats, weapons of war, etc.
2.    These settled states and their generally highly developed social and political systems indicate their advanced civilization.
3.    But they well ill-prepared for war, except against their neighbors, who also use the kind of spears, bows and arrows which we had abandoned long since.
4.    In general, they have no swiftly moving, mounted soldiers. One hundred of our dashing cavalrymen with fire-power could put 10,000 of them to flight.
5.    They are a secretive people. For while they are fully aware of the great mineral wealth of the continent, they use it in a very limited way, mainly for personal adornment, and have no desire to open up to foreigners for world commerce that would greatly benefit them. Accordingly, they rightly limit their trading activities, but mainly because Asians hold all of their seacoasts and have them cut off from the world and its trade.
6.    Finally, the whole of Africa could, with a few exceptions, be progressively taken over simply by picking off one small state after another. For the overall pattern of the continent is one of countless small independent groups, each for itself and itself alone. There is no unity among them, even for a common defense. Since it is the first duty of each chief to protect his people, all seem to be too proud to seek unity with other chiefs, thinking this might indicate a sign of weakness and itself invite attack.’


What is your opinion about this?

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