An example of Paul Kagame’s apartheid-type policies

It has been seventeen years that Rwanda has been ruled by a Tutsi-led elite in a country where Hutus constitute 85% of the population. Officially, the Rwandan government does not want anyone to highlight anything which demonstrates its discriminatory policies between Tutsi and Hutu. That explains why the Rwandan president and his officials insist on the fact that Rwandans are only Rwandans and nothing else. The ongoing court case of Victoire Ingabire, who is accused of divisionism and genocide ideology and revisionism, is there to prove that citizens who become victims of Kagame’s apartheid-type policies don’t have anywhere to turn for fair justice.

In 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11 Al-Quaeda terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, one Black American activist, when asked what he thought of that tragedy on the American people, he explained that, ‘despite all the suffering which accompanied it for families of the victims and the whole country, it has highlighted in the eyes of the public how the New York Fire Brigade was almost only all white.’ Effectively, whether among police rescuers who themselves became victims while doing their work, or the force as a whole, everyone could notice evidence of an exclusively white segment of the American professionals.

Paul Kagame, the Rwandan president, recently visited his country defence forces. African Dictator website ironically label them as his because they are so far there to protect his interests rather those of the country. Looking at the picture of the Rwandan military leadership as reproduced by the website, one wonders seriously if these Tutsi Rwandans are at all interested in the wellbeing of the 99% Hutus and Tutsi of the population. Please read the entire posting from the mentioned online source of political commentaries on African Dictators

The Men Taking Rwanda to Hell?

The all male, all Tutsi group who are taking Rwanda to Hell

I just discovered AD from a friend who, like me lives in Norway where we regularly gather with fellow members of Rwandan Diaspora to talk about our country. I love my country but I am desperately worried about its future. We outside Rwanda can no longer talk to our families. Even a “harmless” conversation can harm someone in Rwanda. Everyone thinks they are being spied on – so it is no longer possible to communicate with our families.

We only get information from inside Rwanda from the only daily paper in our country, the New Times. Of course this paper only writes good things mostly about President Paul Kagame. But we read between the lines.

I read New Times everyday – that I came across today’s mean article “President Kagame meets RDF High Command”

The lead photograph shows our Commander-In-Chief of Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) with our entire military leadership. This is the story and photograph that made me write this response to AD this morning.

You know what, I cannot help think that this all-male group of 25 adults is what is taking our country to hell.

Why would I make such a strong statement? Begin with the key theme addressed by President Kagame. His main subject was “the central role of RDF in promoting, preserving and defending the nation’s identity.”

President Kagame apparently urged that the RDF members have to put “national interests before personal interests.”

And for me the most revealing statement of our President to his all-male military establishment is this:

“The ultimate aim of every RDF member should remain to be the best one can be, rather than risk losing the sense of direction and identity, which typically happens to those who seek to blindly endorse, other people’s choices, agendas and priorities.”

I am sad for my country, my family and for myself. Because the all-male, all-Tutsi group standing with President Kagame don’t see the irony of his message that RDF should not lose a sense of direction and identity, by “blindly endorsing other people’s choices, agendas and priorities.”

Today RDF has lost a sense of direction. This is not the people’s army that defeated genocide – this is an army “blindly endorsing other people’s choices, agendas and priorities” – Kagame’s agenda.

What are these men in this photograph thinking about, knowing full well that among them is a man who tried to kill their former army chief of staff three times in cold blood?

What are they thinking knowing full well that their commander in chief has instead become COMMANDER-IN-THIEF, running Rwanda dry? For example the key national asset like social security fund can’t pay its workers’ salaries because its accounts are empty due to President Kagame’s own investment priorities?

What are they thinking about thinking about knowing full well that President Kagame is among the world’s richest people that owns $100,000,000.00 jets, sleeps in $20,000.00 hotel a night, owns multi-million dollar properties in Rwanda and abroad, while a Rwandan teacher earns $50.00 a month?

What are they thinking about thinking about knowing full well that President Kagame’s two nominees have just been made the president and vice president of our country’s highest law-making body the Senate – unelected?

What are they thinking about thinking about knowing full well that President Kagame is a jack-of-all-trader involved in selling milk, water, bricks, houses, newspapers, telephones, you name it, through Crystal/Tristar?

I can only conclude with the famous book title “cry my beloved country. Dear RDF leaders, you have placed our country onto the path to hell because, as President Kagame says you are have shamelessly and cowardly abandoned the national interest. You are recklessly and “blindly endorsing other people’s choices, agendas and priorities” – our one-time-hero Kagame and his agenda.

Source: African Dictators


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