APPEAL for Africa Unity Tour of Cynthia McKinney

A network of Pan-Africanists from Ubuntu Pan African Network and Pan Africanist Unity groups are initiating an invitation to Cynthia McKinney to serve as the African World Envoy starting October 28, 2011.

We know another World Is Possible. We recognize the relationships with the experiences in Libya to regime change in Ghana back in 1966 and the externally instigated incursions in Zimbabwe. We need Sis Cynthia’s insight to help set a sound foundation for a vibrant movement capturing and reviving the essence of Pan Africanism. This would be the kick-off of a conference slated for 2012.


It has been recognized that Cynthia McKinney, a former U.S. Representative and 2008 Presidential Election Candidate, has contributed her voice and her life to justice and WORLD peace. She is a long time proponent of abolishing NATO and a tireless voice against the genocidal exploitation of humans and the environment by multinational companies and the West.

Many know of her stance on the Niger Delta, AFRICOM, sanctions and western interference in Zimbabwe and Democratic Republic of Congo. Recently, she led a self-sponsored fact finding delegation to Libya when NATO attacked the country. We have experienced her energy and power in (SRO) “The Truth Tour”, as she shared what she saw in Libya . We now face the realities of a new contest using an imperialistic tool called “regime change”.

The Objectives of the African trip:

1) The African People must work together and have sovereignty.

2) The platform for the October African Unity Tour is a diplomatic action to advance our collective objectives which is to rally sons and daughters for the total liberation of our motherland.

3) Social, Economic and Political emancipation

What our efforts would include:

(1) Sharing the experiences of the present Libya situation to learn lessons to build on what has been going on in the African Unity movement,

(2) relating the experiences Libya to 1966 regime change in Ghana and externally instigated plots of regime change in Zimbabwe today to help build on what is going on in the Africa Unity movement ,

(3) To inspire the grass root and non-establishment oriented activists with insight to Cynthia McKinney’s efforts and experiences.

Organizers include:
Ubuntu Pan African Network
Organising for Africa
Pan Africanist Unity
New Afrikan ImageMakers

Mbarika Kazingizi
Crde Charles Tapfuma Samuriwo
Kola Afolabi
Carl Zeto
Andrew Seraus
Friends in US

We are requesting contributions:
Please do not underestimate the importance of your support.

Sent by:
Agnes Johnson [US] / Explo Nani-Kofi  [GHANA] /

***specific itinerary of the tour will be posted as of October 11th, 2011



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