Hands off Africa – Hands off Libya – Demonstrations & Rallies

On Wednesday 10 August 2011, outside the American Embassy, 24 Grosvenor Square, London W1A 2LQ, from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm, a series of demonstrations and rallies will start in UK to highlight to the UK, US, France and Italy governments that they have to stop their ongoing bombing of Libya.

As truth has emerged from the start of their military campaign, allegations of  crimes against humanity in Libya have been intentionally exaggerated to justify their action of toppling Kaddafi, Libyan president.

What has as well come out is that NATO campaign to destroy Libya is not only about Libya only but the whole of Africa [the Libyan campaign should be looked at under the same loop as what what happened in Ivory Coast]. The Libyan leader has been for many years a fervent advocate of African unity. He accompanied his advocacy for the continent with initiatives and deeds which threatened interests of those who for centuries have exploited African riches at the cheap.

It is true Kaddafi is not a saint and he has been there for too long. But he is neither the worst dictator on the continent. On the contrary, despite his controversial personality, he is among the few rare African leaders who for many years have reinvested the wealth of their nations in developing their countries and contributing substantial funds to the development of the continent’s institutions.

Other African dictators [Rwanda, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burkina Faso, and many others] are relaxed and don’t expect any military action from NATO because they have same interests as the alliance which is bombing Libya. Those dictators on the continent, because they work as proxies of the West, are getting all the support (military and intelligence) to oppress and impoverish their people, or exploit national resources for the benefit of their masters, while Western propaganda is praising them.

The campaign that will start on Wednesday 10 August 2011 is not about Kaddafi, but Libyans he is part of and Africans in general he worked for during his rule. Libyans, Africans, and true friends of Africa, are invited to be part of this action and spread the word around for massive participation. Nobody develops anybody. Nations develop themselves.


— The Action Group of African
— African Black International Congress
— All-African Peoples’ Revolutionary Party
— Alkebu-Lan Revivalist Movement
— Caribbean Labour Solidarity
— Ethiopian World Federation
— Global Afrikan Congress UK
— Haiti First! Haiti Now! Reparations Campaign
— New Black Panther Party
— Nation of Islam
— Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum
— RMT’s London Transport Regional Council
— Ubuntu Pan-African Network

Contact Info:
Tel. 07852-937 981
07411-113 098
Email. panafrica@which.net

Further action will focus on the embassies of France & Italy, & on Downing Street & The Foreign Office


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