The President’s Wives Club: First, Simone Gbagbo and now Janet K. Museveni.

It is sometimes rightly stated that behind each successful man there is an influential or strong woman. Though, in order to continue in the same line of argument, one needs here to consider the fact that becoming a dictator cannot be regarded as a success story but rather a disaster  because of what the position implies particularly for those who end up as victims.

Simone Gbagbo

As Ivory Coast starts a new era with Alassane Ouattara, we heard about how Simone Gbagbo, the wife of the ousted president Laurent Gbagbo, had been powerful in influencing the politics of her country under the rule of her husband. Leading behind the scene, she dictated apparently who got which political position.

Janet K. Museveni

In the case of Uganda, after the rigged general elections of February 18th, 2011, we experience since Monday April 11th, 2011 a non-violent movement led by Ugandan political opposition parties. Janet K. Museveni, the wife of Joweri K. Museveni, writes on New Vision, Uganda’s leading website, that, ‘We shall not be derailed.’ This is a call which would have had more weight if made probably in 1994.

The Ugandan president is in power since 1986. Twenty five years in power is a long time in politics. During such length of time democratic countries would have had at least three different governments of eight years each with different and probably better policies for the good of their people. But in Uganda only one person and his group have monopolized power for their own selfish interests.

Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi, a Ugandan writer, has his own views on some of Janet K Museveni’s claims. I reproduce here integrally his comments.

Janet K Museveni says:

 ‘The Movement Government, not withstanding its flaws and weaknesses, has a good track record.’

Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi comments:

‘The good track record of shamelessly promoting nepotism in every profitable sector of Museveni’s government and public service? Corruption has flourished in every corner of government business up to even our nursery schools! How about shielding her relatives in ripping public assets and deals? ENHAS, Uganda Airlines, Tiger Head Batteries, Temangalo, CHOGM, AGOA etc… Which good track record can you trace in these?’

Janet K Museveni says:

‘We as Ugandans should cherish our stability and know that it is one of the keys to our progress.’

Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi comments:

‘I remember sometime ago Mrs Janet reminded Ugandans what a favour her family was doing Ugandans to govern them!! Surely, who is benefiting from this situation? Ugandans or Museveni’s family?’

Janet K Museveni says:

‘The tragedy in Africa is that once a nation has developed to a certain stage, there are some elements of the population who rise up to completely destroy and bring to naught all of the progress they have made up until that time. Everything is erased and they have to begin again from scratch.’

Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi comments:

‘When I see and remember how the Republic of Rwanda was progressing before Museveni, Kagame and group decided to militarily invade it in 1990, cause a three and a half year civil war and unrest, kill President Habyarimana, and hence cause the famous 1994 Rwanda genocide. Here I totally agree with Mrs Museveni.’

Janet K Museveni says:

‘Since they [Besigye] are not happy because they failed to secure the people’s mandate in a general election, they would rather cause chaos and bring city life to a screeching halt.’

Francis Xavier Ndagabanye Muhoozi comments:

‘Madam Museveni should be informed that all Ugandans including herself know very well that her husband Museveni cannot win a free and fair organized election in Uganda. So to save her face, let her deceive other people not poor Ugandans.’


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