Restoration of the African Union sovereign authority (part 1)

By Kofi Ali Abdul Yekin

One of the 53 states of the AU is being aggressively attacked by Non AU forces and helplessly, the remaining 52 states look on like it is just part of their fate. The AU member state of Libya is not just a mere member of the Union but a very strong committed member indeed. Sure most of the AU member states, individually and the AU authority itself as a single entity, are not happy about this at all. To a very large extent, the authority of the Union has openly expressed its intent of dislike to the unfortunate event but, alas, that is the best the authority of the Union can do. Equally, the types of sovereign authorities at the disposal of the individual member states are just as good as the very type the member state under attack is having.

What all the 53 AU member states posses are referred to as conditional sovereignties. In expecting states with conditional sovereignties to be the ones coming to the aid of another conditional sovereign state, against the aggressive attack by a group of absolute authorities, is like expecting children to be the ones going to the aid of another child that is being attacked by a group of wild lions. This in itself is nothing than share madness. Who the hell in his right frame of mind could be expecting any other AU member states to be capable of stepping in to stop this aggressive attack on Libya?

On so many occasions have I had people desperately asking to me the same questions “What are the African leaders doing about Libya?” Others put across their question is, “Where is the AU as Libya is being attacked?” Some even go to the extreme extent of challenging me that “…you see, everyday you are disturbing us with Jean Ping-Jean Ping, the AU is very useless, as it is not capable of stopping the foreign forces from attacking Libya, it must be dissolve”.

At the best opportunity, I try to empathize with my poor fellow AU member states citizens. Indeed the situation looks bleak and hopeless. The justifications and excuses for the attack on Libya are just incredible. The aggressive Non African powers were not only faking up the UN Resolution 1973-Zone, what actually followed baffled us all. The 53 AU member states, the Indians, the Chinese and the Russians all understood that a No Fly Zone will be limited to stopping the Libyan forces from fly, which will not include raining bombs on the nation. We have thought it will be limited to the western forces attacking any Libyan plane only when they are seen flying in the air.

The reality is that the agenda of the powerful American and European states are to openly back the Libya Rebels in attacking the sitting authority of the state. In short, all that the USA and their allies wanted is a regime change. It was recently exposed that the Libyan Rebel are being led on the ground by the French and other European forces in their nefarious ventures of hijacking the sovereign authority of the Libyan people. In some of the most recent development, eight British Special Forces and three Dutch forces were confirmed to have been flown into the AU member state to support the Rebels in toppling the Libyan government.

In trying to meet up to the curious concerns of those who have known me for my strong advocacy of the AU’s authority as the main solution to all the continent’s problem, I did employ the sovereign authority phenomenon to explain the hopeless situation. My analysis exposed the conditional sovereign authorities of the 53 AU member states. I perfectly liken it with the dream of expecting a gay man to bear a baby with another gay man. Wonders indeed!!

More than anything else, never has the existence of sovereign authority of the African Union been directly challenged than in this unfortunate barbaric affront by the combined forces of the powerful American and European state on our member state of Libya. Interestingly, this oppressive insult on the authority of the Africa Union is said to be under the guise of enforcing international peace. What else is the excuse given by the lions in the wild for attacking their pray than “the enforcement of peace of the wild”?

The AU is hopelessly looking on while one of her member states is daily undergoing rain of hell by more powerful nations from outside the continent. Precious lives of the Union’s citizens are being lost and vital infrastructures being destroyed, all under the guise of global peace that we on the continent never wanted from these Iron Age barbarians. Each of the missiles these destructive uninvited self acclaimed “angels of peace” drop on the citizens of the Africa Union, according to the bloody parasitic cannibals, cost $1 million and on the average, nothing less than 500 of the deadly weapons have been used already.

Each of the state of the art jet fighters, of which we are able to bring down three, is said to cost $35 million. And the cost, human and material, is going to be very heavy. Who is even making up the costing than the monsters themselves? Sad enough, the only one to foot the ultimate bill indirectly is going to be the AU authority, as the criminals will be hiding behind the new Libyan puppet sovereign authority to suck away the oil of the AU member state of Libya. Libya will then become like most of the other AU member states that are incapable of paying their due to the Union, despite all the wealth of Africa. No wonder we on the land of the Union never had enough. No wonder the Nigerian oil is not even available to Nigerians, but to the citizens of Europe and American states.

Sure peace is said to be a very expensive commodity and, the case is worsen up when such peace is induced and executed by the aggressive transnational adventurists of the organized imperial military corporate industries. Who could say he/she is not aware of the desperate effort of the imperial forces in inducing and executing this unnecessary waste of AU citizen’s lives? Is this not just a desperate effort by the USA and the European state powers to siphon more of the AU member states resources to make up for their ailing economies? Is this not a way to deprive us of our livelihood on the continent of Africa to make up for the Western economic crisis? Is this not a way to push us deeper into poverty to enrich themselves the more? Is this not enough in confirming that the African poverty is indeed a man made phenomenon than natural?

Is this not the reason why Europe and America get richer while the continent of Africa wallows in poverty? There is no any other option to us out of this than transforming the AU authority from a mere authority into a sovereign authority. This will come by having more of citizens of the member states participating in the presidential election of the Union’s authority (commission). Technically, the eventual sovereign status of the AU authority will assume an absolute form than the conditional sovereign authorities of the member states. The AU will then be in the best position and form to make her intentions into practical actions, which we all desperately need to actualize our common dream for the mother land. (Continue in Part 2)

Kofi Ali Abdul-Yekin
AGA (Action Group of Africa)



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