Rwandan Police Lies On Divisionism By Opposition Party

The Rwandan government and its institutions, particularly security forces are appearing more and more repressive as Election Day – August 9th approaches.

On Sunday July 25th the Rwandan government radio station reported that 2 people were arrested for planning an illegal protest for the following Monday.

‘The victims of this unexpected arrest, Mr Martin Ntavuka – FDU-Inkingi leader in Nyarugenge district and Mr Anastase Hagabimana – FDU-Inkingi leader in Kicukiro District, were handcuffed, beaten and taken to the Remera police detention facility,’ said Salem-News.

Salem-News was told the accused, while guests, were apprehended at the temporary residence of Victoire Ingabire, Chair of FDU-Inkingi, one of the opposition parties whose registration has been refused by the authorities. The watchman at the property was left with face injuries including one eye swollen shut. Eye witnesses confirm death threats and ethnic hate abuses hurled on-spot by the officer Karekezi, a CID staff.

Superintendent and Police spokesperson Eric Kayiranga, announced on the state radio that once informed that these people were planning a protest, they followed them and caught them. They searched their car and found material for protest including signs and T-shirts. Kariranga explained that on that material were inscriptions of divisionism character and threatening national security. But he was reluctant to elaborate on what was written.

‘Our print t-shirts display normally our colours (green and red) and the text on either the front or the back says “WE NEED DEMOCRACY AND FAIR JUSTICE” or “TURASHAKA DEMOKARASI N’UBUTABERA BUSESUYE”. What is inflammatory in this?’ said Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza in her press release on the incident.

Though it is illegal to protest in public without a written permission from Rwandan authorities, it looks even illegal from the police perspective to put sign on t-shirts without authorization because it can be judged as divisionism or a security issue in Rwanda.

In recent weeks and months there have been in Rwanda numerous incidents politically motivated which have seen journalists, members of opposition parties, human right activists, military dissidents disappeared imprisoned tortured or killed. Surprisingly, from Kagame’s government perspective, all this is happening to preserve peace, unity and democracy.


2 responses to “Rwandan Police Lies On Divisionism By Opposition Party

  1. People get what they deserve. If they want democracy they will get it. If they want dictatorship they will get it. It’s one thing to find scapegoats and another thing to look into personal responsibilities about what is happening.

    @Kanamugire. Imagine if people like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Victoire Ingabire had stood by only praying that God helps their people. Not much would’ve changed.

    God only helps those who help themselves.


  2. you know that what we are undergoing now is more systematic than anything ever happened before.I am not blaming this repression and oppression on Kagame and RPF I am fully blaming it to UK and USA.Without their imposition and continued unconditional support to Kagame the people of Rwanda would be free as we speak.Men Rwandans wherever they are should start a social civic education to teach their children of what we have been subjected to since 1990s and how the west has been a accomplice to this tribulation.May the God who helped us survive DRC continue having mercy on us because the world is against us.


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