Kagame’s intensive anti-hutu campaign in DRC: A criminal political distraction

Canadians against Kagame

This picture of young Canadians appalled by the crimes should wakes us all the youth of the Great Lakes region – Congolese, Rwandan, Ugandan and Burundian to stand up against the numerous atrocities the Rwandan president and his allies have been committing for so many years in their respective communities.

Since some time now, Kagame’s Rwandan regime is actively recycling old tactics to create chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and prepare for its nth invasion of the country with the tacit approval of its american and european sponsors.

The ultimate aimed objective is that one day, the two Kivu provinces of Eastern Congo with their immense mineral reserves will become a separate and independent entity from the central government in Kinshasa. And that way, they would fall easily under the guardianship of Kagame on behalf of his masters.

This would look like the picture we presently have in South Sudan, where the splitting of Sudan appears to have worsened the situation. We’ve learnt that imperialists target primarily African countries of a certain size (DRC has nine neighbouring countries) to break them up with the boomerang effect doing the rest on smaller ones. Divide and rule is here part of the master-plan. Continue reading

Author Anjan Sundaram menaced by Kagame’s regime



Anjan Sundaram, author of “Bad News, last journalists in a dictatorship.”

The story is reported by BBC on its programme Focus on Africa.

“Do you have protection?” asks the BBC journalist.

“Yes, the law enforcement has been informed (of the menaces),” says Anjan Sundaram.

Byusa Yassin: Rwandan student kidnapped, killed and burned Kagame’s style

killed kagame style

Young Rwandan student Byusa Yassin found burnt on May 22nd, 2016 in Ruhango.

The story is published by theRwandan. Such cruelty is typical of the RPF regime of president Paul Kagame. We remember some time now the victims of the lac Rweru who were killed then put into plastic bags and were found floating in water. And the purpose is to instil fear in the population, because the assassins could have made it disappear. The question that anyone could raise is: what sin must the boy have committed to merit such fate? Only the perpetrator can tell, because even murderers or rapists get life sentence or death in some places, but they are not burnt. This is Rwanda, the so called “Singapore of Africa” where human life is worthless. It can be burnt like a stick of wood cooking food. The sad side of the story is that the perpetrators of this despicable act will never be found, or those that the public might see will be other victims of the system that authorities will use to cover up.


The victim’s burnt body.

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Will Graca Machel ask Kagame to release Victoire Ingabire?


Graca Machel, widow of Samora Machel and Nelson Mandela, and strong advocate of African women’s rights

This is a question anyone caring for women’s rights around the world, and particularly in Africa, should have in mind, when Graca Machel will be in Rwanda among the facilitators of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Africa.

Between May 11 – 13, 2016, the annual gathering of the WEF outside Davos will be held this time in Kigali – Rwanda. The cream of the 1% dominating the world in almost every aspect will be represented to discuss a range of economic priorities.

For anyone not familiar with WEF conferences, they bring together the world’s elite (from CEOs of multinationals like Starbucks, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Glencore to leading world prize winners in entertainment, passing by representatives of western-led international institutions like IMF and WB. Presidents and prime ministers of countries take as well part in good number.
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Unmasking the myth of a peaceful (stable) Rwanda: Rwanda is not safe even for Kagame.

Kagame in bulletproof coat in Rwanda

Rwandan president Paul Kagame is nowdays obliged to wear a bulletproof vest while visiting his constituency inside Rwanda. The picture was taken on Thursday 28/04/16 during a visit in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

By Dr. Charles Kambanda

In what some people thought was a slip-of-the tongue , three weeks ago, Kagame said that ” I wish Rwanda could be invaded and I show you. I am dying of anxiety from waiting in vain for war”. Two day later, a police station was attacked by rebels; about 18 police and Kagame security personnel were killed in the battle that lasted for three hours. A police truck was set ablaze. A day later, the Rwandan police announced that they were in control of the situation after the attack. Continue reading