Corneille: What he saw in Rwanda 1994

By Nadine Kazuba

Nyungura is his family name. He is usually known as Corneille. He is Canadian of Rwandan14600873_10154472460745549_3424802657386389651_n origin. He caught the eyes and ears of the international audience through his successful musical career.

He recently published his autobiography where he tells his life story so far.

Nadine Kazuba helps us in the following paragraphs travel along some paths of Corneille’s extraordinary journey.

As Kazuba puts it, Corneille’s journey of which the most tragic moments are told almost 22 years after they occurred, is similar to million others of young and not so young Rwandans who survived or didn’t.

Kazuba stresses the importance of survivors to tell the truth as they know it, as they are indebted to millions who didn’t make it. Continue reading

Victoire Ingabire: European Parliament firmer on her release


Please read HERE the full resolution of the European Parliament on the case of the imprisoned Rwandan politician VICTOIRE INGABIRE. Continue reading

Senator Robert Krueger: a colossal mistake (Kagame at Yale)

Kagame personality iInspiring artists

Kagame personality in its particular characteristic of initiating and committing genocides in the Great Lakes region inspires artists. This is one of the results of his inspiration. At least once he won’t be around, his life will have served many purposes.

It is as if Hitler or Stalin were holding the elections.

He claims to now have democratic elections with numerous political parties having names on the ballot. But Kagame’s people count the votes and give him over 90 percent of those cast. Citizens, knowing they have no secret ballot, either do not vote, or for their own safety, cast their votes for Kagame. It is as if Hitler or Stalin were holding the elections. These elections are not secret or trustworthy; the populous votes as Kagame wants for fear of retribution.

Yet Yale has honored him. Those at Yale who invited Kagame should remember the famous admonition of a 19th-century head of Magdalene College, Oxford: “You will find it a good idea, sir, always to verify your references.”



Kagame’s intensive anti-hutu campaign in DRC: A criminal political distraction

Canadians against Kagame

This picture of young Canadians appalled by the crimes should wakes us all the youth of the Great Lakes region – Congolese, Rwandan, Ugandan and Burundian to stand up against the numerous atrocities the Rwandan president and his allies have been committing for so many years in their respective communities.

Since some time now, Kagame’s Rwandan regime is actively recycling old tactics to create chaos in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and prepare for its nth invasion of the country with the tacit approval of its american and european sponsors.

The ultimate aimed objective is that one day, the two Kivu provinces of Eastern Congo with their immense mineral reserves will become a separate and independent entity from the central government in Kinshasa. And that way, they would fall easily under the guardianship of Kagame on behalf of his masters.

This would look like the picture we presently have in South Sudan, where the splitting of Sudan appears to have worsened the situation. We’ve learnt that imperialists target primarily African countries of a certain size (DRC has nine neighbouring countries) to break them up with the boomerang effect doing the rest on smaller ones. Divide and rule is here part of the master-plan. Continue reading

Author Anjan Sundaram menaced by Kagame’s regime



Anjan Sundaram, author of “Bad News, last journalists in a dictatorship.”

The story is reported by BBC on its programme Focus on Africa.

“Do you have protection?” asks the BBC journalist.

“Yes, the law enforcement has been informed (of the menaces),” says Anjan Sundaram.